.a Kay Haerland Quilt

Passing into the new Millennium 
(24 x 15)
June, 2000

A Miniature Quilt

Our family watched in wonder as the passing of the old millennium unfolded around the world, starting at 6 am (EST), when my native New Zealand celebrated year 2000. 
The television programs from every corner of our globe were incredible, solemn and joyous, with a common theme of humanity, fellowship and the promise of tomorrow. 
These are some of the images that stand out in our minds

Juried in to :         'Miniatures from the heart' Contest  2000 
(sponsored by Miniature Quilts Magazine) 

Quilt was on year-long traveling exhibit
throughout the USA in 2001

- Honorable Mention
Publisher's Choice

AQS Quilt Show, Paducah, KY   2002

Published in 'Miniature Quilts' Magazine